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Top 35 Weirdest Things Ever Caught On Security Cameras & CCTV!

Top 35 Weirdest Things Ever Caught On Security Cameras \u0026 CCTV!
If you think CCTV cameras are a waste of money, then you just don't know how to use them properly! But some people forget about it anyway - and people running down the street in a towel and other ridiculous situations in our selection for you. We always have a cell phone in hand. So, if you are something happening that you can capture at the time. And today I'll show you the Top 35 Weirdest Things Ever Caught On Security Cameras \u0026 CCTV
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10 Creepiest Moments Caught On CCTV

10 Creepiest Moments Caught On CCTV

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10 creepiest moments caught on CCTV
When we install CCTVs, the goal has always been to survey our surroundings intending to catch unlawful activities on the camera. However, the security camera also captures other things taking place that we may have missed to notice. Some of these moments are helpful while others are terrifying moments that we wish to unsee. We have heard of ghost stories caught on CCTVs and today, we have a quest to list you the creepiest moments caught on CCTV and other home-security devices. Let’s take a look at them and make sure to tell us in the comments which of these creeped you out the most.

10.A Strange Creature That Looks Like A Harry Potter Character,h-300,fo-auto

In June 2019, Vivian Gomez posted a video on Facebook that went viral not because it was a video of her looking good, but because nobody knew what was caught wandering around her neighborhood. The clip showed an alien-looking creature that strongly resembles Dobby the House Elf, a character from the Harry Potter films. The figure has wobbly legs and floppy years joyously doing a chicken dance around the neighborhood. The video got over 9 million views over the days with people still wondering what it was. There was a theory that it may be a hoax inspired by Dobby. What do you think it is?

9.The Mysterious Disappearance of Lars Mittank

A 28-year-old then German man, Lars Mittank, was on vacation in Bulgaria when he disappeared. He was last seen on the security camera footage of an airport running away from the medical office and into thin air. He vanishes into thin air as he is seen as if running for his life as far away as he could get. His mother reported that just before disappearing, Mittank had been behaving erratically and showing terrible signs of paranoia. It's still a mystery why he left like that leaving his belongings at the medical office.
8.Man Holds Toddler Hostage In Walmart

This is a rather terrifying video than it is creepy. The CCTV at Walmart in Midwest City showed a man, Sammie Wallace, snatching a 2-year-old girl from her mother’s shopping cart and holding her at knifepoint. In the video, we see Wallace walking in Walmart and starting pushing the shopping cart while talking on the phone. We continue to see Wallace circling around the supermarket until he sees a woman, Alicia Keating, and her two daughters. Wallace keeps walking around the family and is seen to suddenly grab the small child from the cart while Keating’s back is turned from them. Keating is seen to plead for Wallace to give her child back. People in the store approach and begin to call 911. The City Police arrived and tried negotiating with him for more than an hour. Keating threatened the girl with a knife and counted 60 sec to end the child. The officer brings a chair for Wallace to sit and as he continues to count, he shoots him on the head. Wallace’s parents told the police that he had a long history of mental illness. The child was traumatized for a while but is now back to her joyous self.
7.The Infamous Miami Cannibal Attack

This footage caused a hot stir as people thought that a zombie was roaming the streets of Miami, Florida. The truth was a 31-year-old homeless man, Rudy Eugene attacking another homeless man, Ronald Poppo. Eugene had no clothes on when the police found him eating off Ronald's face in daylight on a busy highway. He was still chewing off his face and was only stopped when the police fired four bullets at him. He had already gnawed the victim's faces. The man was said to have shown behavior that was caused by ingesting the synthetic cocaine substitute known as bath salts. Poppo on the other hand was taken to the Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment.




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